About the Monarchs

We are a Brotherhood of Dominant Men pursuing Mastery in the
practice of B.D.S.M. and M.D.H.L. based on

Tradition, Order, Honor, and Respect.

The Monarchs provides a supportive environment for select Dominant
men of diverse and varied B.D.S.M. disciplines and interests,
particularly those of dominance and submission.
The Monarchs is an association where men can come together to
find, experience, and maintain Brotherhood, share knowledge, ideas,
wisdom, skills, and health & safety information. Non-consensual
BDSM activity has no place in the Monarch Brotherhood.
Our organizational purpose shall be implemented in the form of
structured monthly membership meetings, a clubhouse, hosting
social events and play parties, limited outreach in the public forum,
and productive liaising and teaching opportunities.

The Monarchs are dedicated to the concept that bondage and
discipline, sadomasochism, dominance and submission and erotic
humiliation are power exchange activities between consenting,
communicating and informed adults, done in a mutually gratifying
context, with safety and concern for each other.
The Monarchs are adamantly opposed to abuse in any form,
including spousal, sexual partner and child abuse.

The Monarchs encourages people in acceptance of themselves as
normal, productive, viable individuals who share a common interest in
BDSM or other legal sexual activities.